ZelaaCoin – The hottest $100 million ICO of 18 year old Sahil Arora

As the digital finance world is poised towards the evolving emergence of cryptocurrencies, the entire ecosystem is seeing a soar in usability as well as easier accessibility of capital for businesses is being unlocked.
In these shifting paradigms – ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) has become one of the most talked about phenomena of the cryptographic realm. These technological & financial advances have not only simplified the process of dealing with investors but also have secured the fundamentals of investing for an individual by enabling asset driven investments which can be liquidated at later stages – the utility or security tokens.
Talking about ICOs, we have seen a sudden big announcement which has come from one of India’s most ambitious teenager and youngest multi-millionaire – Sahil Arora, who has introduced his own cryptocurrency named “Zelaa Coin”.  
While other startups are struggling to raise funds for their ventures and ICOs that hardly raise $50 million or above – Sahil has released and floated a $100 million ICO under www.zelaacoin.com which has created a milestone and set an example to boost enthusiasm of others in this industry by successfully raising $1.2 million in just 120 minutes! Yes, Zelaa raised $1.2 million in just 2 hours of its launch and is now growing enormously big in its 90-day campaign to turn the $100 million target into reality.
Zelaa has created an idealistic product which the coin is impeccably backed up against – its cryptocurrency automated teller machines that work as an advertisement streaming platform for brands worldwide remotely.
The machines allow a customer to buy or sell their cryptocurrency against fiat (cash) at a transaction fee of 0%. This is probably the only platform on the globe that enables the trading of cryptocurrency at a zero transaction fee.
Sahil explains, “Zelaa is able to create and deliver these machines and set them at a 0% transaction fee due to our advertisements algorithm and software integrated within the automated teller machines. If you observe a normal ATM, you’d see that it streams advertisements of the bank when it is not in use. Similarly, our cryptocurrency ATMs stream advertisements of global brands when the machines are not in use or simply when there is no customer interaction. The machine doesn’t have to depend on generating revenue through the fees as the revenues being generated weekly through advertisements are drastically higher than that of the transactions”.
“Our ATMs can support and enable up to five different cryptocurrencies and accept or dispense three fiat currencies”, adds Arora.
The advertising market is very solid across the world and capitalizing on it in a cryptocurrency environment is surely pure genius and brain game.
Sahil Arora, the founder is also not just any second generation businessman and his story is truly inspiring for most of the youth.
For those who don’t know, Arora dropped out of high school at the age of 16 after successfully taking his first exit from his biometric venture worth almost $2.3 million.
Sahil then was one of the very few lucky kids who got invited to spend time at the Peter Thiel Foundation in San Francisco right after he dropped out.
While his time in America he started brainstorming and working on his next venture – Tabverts (www.tabverts.in) which is one of the biggest in-cab infotainment & advertisement platform in the world as recognized by Red Herrings Asia 2017 and has been featured on shows of CNBC.
The concept of Tabverts involved of uploading content from a centralized web-based panel and it being broadcasted to remotely moving tablets installed in cabs for the entertainment of passengers, Tabverts later started pushing advertisements through this technology on the tablets and hence a cash-rich ad-tech business was formed.
Sahil was named as a 27 under 27 global millionaire by Entrepreneur Magazine in late 2017 for Tabverts and has been published in numerous prestigious magazines, platforms & media articles. He also was a certified Ted speaker before he turned 18.
His vision and goals only started getting bigger when he was exposed to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in mid-2017 and that is when the young entrepreneur started building his automated teller machines based out of his own manufacturing unit in India.
The inception of ZelaaCoin happened in January 2018, when Sahil took a visit to London to understand the regulations and build a strong technology team for his idea and its execution. He then got Zelaa registered in England and kick-started the ICO from there on the 12th of February, 2018.
“I have always believed in taking fast decisions and creating things and ventures at a place where I don’t allow the competition to think or execute their counter-moves. Maybe it is because of my age, but knocking down timelines and being ahead of everyone is my major attribute”, says Arora.
ZelaaCoin also has an immensely strong list of names and partners associated with it who are considered to be legends in the cryptographic world.
Per Lind, the founder of IOTA Foundation is the Chief Strategy Officer of ZelaaCoin. Charlie Shrem, the founder of BitGo and the bitcoin pioneer is also an advisor in ZelaaCoin. Their list is big and influential and it goes on and will be revealed by ZelaaCoin as and when the time comes.
We also have confirmed internal news that ZelaaCoin is in closing talks and negotiations with having the famous global dominant of Billboards and the singer of God’s Plan, Hotline Bling & other major hits – Drake as a part of the venture.
Sahil has also recently flown to Los Angeles to shoot and get on-board the undefeated American boxer – Floyd Mayweather Jr. into ZelaaCoin.
Arora is doing all this at just an age of 19. He is remarkably an example of a true achiever and motivational figure for all other struggling and aspiring entrepreneurs in the world and proves that – No dream too big, no dreamer too small.
ZelaaCoin will raise $100 million through its on-going ICO and will be available to liquidate on public exchanges, starting with Binance shortly – as confirmed.
It is an utmost necessity on this planet to become successful in whatever you do because we just don’t embrace failures to an extent wherein we are satisfied with the quantum of learnings. We are constantly forced and judged by society and are pulled down by criticism and drowned out by the opinions of others, hence we lose our own voice. To dream and desire is to ignore all signs of criticism and continue to do what feels right to one, it is to stick on your path and indomitably strive for excellence while you silently make your moves on your ladder. As long as you have the persistence, determination, confidence and the passion to stand out and stand up for your dreams and goals – you will make it.
Don’t let the world tell you that you are too young to do it or an amateur at it because folks even a baby shark is still a shark.
Let your life inspire you and you will no longer hunt for inspiration on social media, says the positive spirited Sahil Arora.
Towards the end, we would urge you to check-out ZelaaCoin, one of the hottest ICO of 2018 and ask you to participate and get your coins while it is still at $1 each before it shoots up and becomes a dream.
Wishing Sahil and ZelaaCoin all the soaring success.

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