What is Changelly? Alternatives of Changelly

Top Changelly Alternatives Comprises BitPanda, Coinbase, HitBTC, Coinmama along with Many Others Bitcoin Exchange MarketsOnce it gives reasonable fees for every crypto into the crypto market, there are times when you’re still able to find a much better fee arrangement with other foreign exchange solutions. As it delivers a flat fee per trade, it may be helpful to search for additional exchange services offering lower prices before using this service. In addition, you can’t swap cryptocurrencies for money with this particular platform, but you can swap money for any cryptocurrency.


What is Changelly? A platform providing exchange services to the users for various digital
currencies. It allows exchanging a number of digital currencies securely and at the best rates. It
also includes trading options in its platform. The main aim of the platform is to provide faster,
affordable, and professional service. It has a user-friendly interface, which allows exchanging for many cryptos. It also has a cryptocurrency wallet for storing your earned coins into it. Transaction charges are very secure and at reasonable rates.
Though Changelly offers reasonable fees for each crypto to crypto exchange, you might find
a better fee structure and other advanced trading features on other platforms. Before using this
service, you can look for other exchange services offering lower fees. This platform does not
allow exchanging cryptocurrencies for cash, but you can exchange cash for any of the

Top Alternatives that you can consider for Changelly are:

1. Coinbase
Coinbase is one of the first exchange services which is very common among crypto-traders. It
is best known for its functionality as a Bitcoin broker. It was established in 2012, which currently operates in 32 nations. You can buy and sell digital currency through this platform. It comes with a free crypto-wallet for storing your earned coins. It also accepts multiple payment options and a mobile wallet. It is very secure and allows secured offline storage.
Coinbase is very quick for buying and selling. So, it is very common among BTC traders.
Functionality and quick service offered by Coinbase makes it an excellent alternative to Changelly.

2. CoinMama
CoinMama is an Israel based Bitcoin broker with an interactive platform. It allows users to
register with the company online for using exchange services offered by the company. It also provides a host of services to existing customers.
It allows you to purchase BTC with cash and debit card. You can access the services of this
platform globally. Also, it has a simple registration policy with easy verification process of account. CoinMama can be a good alternative to Changelly as it provides a variety of services in a simpler way.

3. BitPanda
BitPanda is a platform for buying and selling BTC. A startup company called Coinimal GmbH originally found it. Criminal GmbH was found in 2014 which is based in Vienna of Austria.
The platform aims to provide faster and secure transactions of BTC and Ethereum without any
You can buy and sell both the BTC and Ethereum on this platform. It comes with a free BTC
wallet for storing your earned coins. It allows multiple payment options to the users for making payments. Quick and instant transactions with a high level of security are the main motto of the company. Also, it offers fewer transaction fees. So, BitPanda can also be considered as a good alternative to Changelly.

4. HitBTC
HitBTC is a BTC exchange platform by HIT Solutions Inc. It also provides various trading options to users. The main aim of the platform is to enable professional traders and BTC users
to trade their cryptocurrencies for cash and exchange their digital currencies throughout the
world via this platform. Some primary advantages of using this platform are high liquidity, secure transactions, low fees, and many more. So, HitBTC can also be considered as a trusted alternative to Changelly.

5. Cryptopia
• Cryptopia is well-known for focusing on the user experience more than anything else. It is set
to be a one-stop shop for BTC and other cryptocurrency exchange.
• It allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies on the same platform. You can buy and sell BTC,
Litecoins, and other cryptos. It also allows you to auction your cryptocurrencies. Two-factor
Authentication is present for security purposes. It is entirely different from other
exchange platforms. So, it is one of the best alternatives to Changelly.

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