Wall of coins review:Reddit answers? Can I buy? [Review]

Wall of Coins review: wall of coins is a US-based decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that provides
trading in Bitcoin and Dash. The platform launched in 2017 and touts itself as The Most Trusted
Marketplace on Earth.It Is worth noting that there are numerous exchanges offering comparable
P2P service, together with all the most famous being Nearby Bitcoins, but there are a couple of other people, such as
Wall of Coins Advantages. – Coins. Much like P2P exchanges only
Provide to exchange in Bitcoin, but Wall of Coins has additional Dash, also. It is not much and can have
Been better, but it is still something.

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Wall of coins Review overlook: is it safe?

Security: Is Wall of coins trustworthy?

  • Privacy: Wall of Coins takes clients privacy and does Not require ID verification. at least smaller
    Transactions, which is. More importantly, read farther.
  • Safety: Wall of Coins states it keeps customer funds in offline storage, which implies they are secure and can not be easily hacked.
  • Limits. The trade limits of Wall Street Coins are no – one can buy and sell as small as $5 values of
    There are no maximum transaction limits – they are determined by the users
  • Location: Wall of Coins just accepts customers from the theUnited States, although it says its services will expand soon.

Privacy: Is my money anonymous in the wall of coins?

Wall of Coins says it Provides anonymous Supplier, however, it Seems That This is only Correct

For smaller transactions. As per a customer posts in forums which are Bitcoin and about Reddit,
When creating transactions for larger amounts, the commerce kicks at a confirmation procedure, together with each of them
This could be very bothersome for some clients who do not
Need to undermine their solitude. Along with, 1 customer says it took him a week, later
Unlimited calls together with the Wall of Coins assistance, and supplying an identity ID, to receive the

Mode of Payments in a wall of coins: a review

One Must go to the creditor and
Make a money deposit. On one hand, this can be suitable for privacy functions, but alternatively,
Requires clients to deposit and move cash. Along with, Wall of Coins states you Must
Go within the creditor and make the deposit using a cashier, instead of making a deposit. The
Frankly, it would be easier to visit a
Bitcoin Automated teller machine also does exactly the deal right then and there. Wall of Coins does not

Payments throughout the cable suppliers Money Gram and Western Union. We could not confirm
This, however.

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