Top 10 altcoins for June 2019

Altcoins are one of the best alternatives to crypto coins like Bitcoin. Even Altcoins are the future of cryptocurrency as the transaction speed and fees are quite low compared to bitcoin. Furthermore, the altcoins are a much cheaper alternative.
However just in case if you are looking ahead to start investing in some Altcoins. Then just to help you out we have handpicked some the best altcoins which have a great potential in the month of April and in future. So let’s just check out the list of the altcoins without wasting much of the time.

Top 10 altcoins for June 2019


When it comes to anonymity Bitcoin is not something you should go for. Instead, try out Monero, this coin is famous for its anonymous feature. Also, the coin has seen some huge rise which made the coin a popular one among the crypto traders.  Also, the coin has some anonymity features, which helps you to get a secure transaction experience. The Monero coin is known as the XMR and you can trade the alt coin in many famous crypto exchange platforms.

Sia Coin:

Sia Coin or SIA is also one of the best altcoins to invest it. The altcoin basically competes with the cloud storage companies like Amazon, Dropbox, and many others. The coin allows you to rent out some storage space to others for a certain fee. Also, the good thing about it that the hackers can not hack everyone storage like they can hack systems like Dropbox. Also, the coin has seen some huge growth at the end of 2017.


If bitcoin is known as the gold of the cryptocurrency. Then the Litecoin is known as the silver. The main feature of the Litecoin is that it makes transactions a lot of faster, plus it has a lightning network, Unlike bitcoin, you do not need to wait for confirmations. Also, the cryptocurrency keeps growing since it was launched. So you can definitely think about investing some of the bucks on it.


IOTA is known as one of the top alt coins and it stands for Internet of things or IoT. Over the years the coin has come a long way plus it has seen a quite huge price hike. The coin used to be a cheaper one a few years back and now the price is more than $3. Also, it is continuously growing. However, the coin is not based on the blockchain technology.


Starts is a blockchain based platform which decentralizes the development based tasks. Or you can say that they offer their service to corporations and institutions to implement blockchain technology. Also, it is said that the Stratis coin may impact sectors like fintech, research, and so many other ones.


Lisk basically calls itself as the modular crypto utilizing sidechain. The coin allows anyone to use its designing blocks and create a decentralize app. In simple words, you can say that Lisk is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized blockchain apps.


Neo is known as the Ethereum of China. Plus the coin has a strong backing the crypto market. The coin has a platform for smart contracts and kind of works as Ethereum. It also helps the developers to create new tokens as the New supports programming languages like C, C#, Java and a few more. Also, the coin has seen some huge price rise in the last couple of months.


Many people out there think that EOS has a great future ahead. As the price risen from $0.5 to $10 in just a couple of weeks. It is kind of like an operating system where developers can build new tokens in it. Also, it is quite similar to the ethereal. Hence owning a part of it, will return you some great profit.


Salt is basically based on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, the coin is used for accessing lending services.  The salt platform basically works as a lending service where members can borrow cash from each other. This mainly disrupts the banking industry since crypto coins are easily transferable. So one can easily avoid loans and banks.


Asch is not so famous altcoin. However, it is a rival to the NEO even works the same way. The coin is much cheaper in the market, as a result, it becomes easy for the developers to create their own blockchain assets. Also, the coin is kept fluctuating, so you may think about investing in it.
So those were the top 10 altcoins that you may think about investing. However, before investing in any of the altcoins it is advisable to do your own research and then take some steps. Anyway if you have some questions related to the topic, do comment below.

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