Best Wallets for Ripple

Best wallets for rippleWallets are a great way for storing currency and this had been in use for ages. Wallets are a great way of storing currency and this had been in use for ages. The wallets ensure that our currency stays in one place. This helps us in ease of use like if we want to pay someone, we just need to open our wallet and disperse the amount from the wallet to that person. Wallets help in safekeeping your hard earned money and also helps you to access your money when needed. The rise of digital currency has eliminated the use of physical cash and physical wallets (non-digitised ones). The digital wallets are more convenient to use and you don’t have to worry about changes because you can pay the exact money from the wallet of yours. These wallets are safer than the nondigitized ones but what’s safer than these two are the cryptocurrency wallets.
Ripple is an emerging cryptocurrency and critics have made a legit prediction about ripple that in a year or so it may cross 3$ even. But then these are just predictions, sometimes these predictions don’t follow the trend. If you still want to try on ripple then you can do so but then you will need safe wallets so that you can safeguard your ripple coins. Let us take a look at some of the best wallets for Ripple.

Ledger nano s

Ledger is the ultimate wallet when it comes to safe keep your cryptocurrency. The ledger has models of wallets viz. Ledger nano, Ledger HW.1 and the Ledger nano s. The Ledger nano S is different than the other two because it has got a screen. The price of this wallet is tagged at 95$ which affordable. To confirm for a payment, you need to press the two physical buttons on the side of the device and thus no hacker can hack into the device, preventing illicit transactions. Moreover, you need to verify
PIN before using it which makes it a secured product at an affordable rate. The screen in this device shows a recovery phrase which is generated offline and displayed on the screen. The recovery phrase consists of 24 words and also they provide a paper to write down the words. To use it as XRP wallet you need to install the Ledger wallet Ripple application on your Windows PC. The application acts as Ripple manager which helps you to receive, send ripple transactions and also lets you check your balance.

Toast wallet

This wallet got is by far the most convenient of wallets for safekeeping your Ripple coins. It has a very easy user interface and thus you can store your ripple coins quite simply. This wallet offers tight security during transactions. The wallet can be used on multi-platform. The wallet does not charge any fees for the transaction but then you need to have at least 20 XRP in your reserve to make transactions.


This is more or less like your local physical bank where you can store your currency online and can do transactions online. They accept 100 types of altcoins and also charge you a nominal fee of 0.5% for the transactions you do. The company is a registered company and is known as the trusted cryptocurrency bank based in Canada. He wallet does not charge its users for creating a new account for a wallet but rather it charges the nominal fee only during the transactions. You can safeguard
your ripple coins here or you can also transfer them into your local bank account in your local currency as well. Copayments is secured by Bingo, which is an altcoin security website. The wallet comes with advanced features. Here you can use ripple for buying items from online stores as well that supports ripple.


Rippex has a very low transaction fee and serves as a good wallet for the ripple users. The registration for the wallet is completely free of cost. The features which they provide in their wallets are advance privacy, multi verification process, full control of your wallet on the go, and transparency of transactions as well. The Rippex wallet app is available for different platforms and thus gives you a wider range of choice. The transaction process is quick enough as it takes seconds to transfer amounts to your wallet. However, they charge a nominal fee of 0.2 to 0.3 percent for the transaction which is a great deal.

Exodus Eden

If you are an advanced user of the Exodus wallet then this wallet is for you to have greater control over your wealth. The exodus Eden supports Ripple along with other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin cash, factor, Ethereum Classic and many more. This wallet is in development mode and thus it is highly recommended for the advanced users only. The wallet will launch with a zero balance thus you have to buy ripple from the scratch.


This is a mobile-only wallet which helps you to store and safeguard over 70 cryptocurrencies along with more than 200 types of tokens. The wallet has a good balance between its security and the user interface. They have very easy to use user interface. So, if you are a beginner then it won’t be much problem in using their wallet for the first time. You can manage your private keys with seed keys which you need to store safely. The Coinomi wallet uses Bit 44 protocol thus you need to store only
one paraphrase to safeguard your wallet. The app is totally free of cost and is only supported on Android OS platform. The Ripple coin hasn’t been integrated into this wallet but soon it will also integrate ripple coin.


In this world of hacks and leaks, it is very important to safeguard your money in a secured wallet and the above wallets provide greater security for your currencies. You can not only keep XRP in these wallets but other currencies as well. Among all these wallets the ledger nano S has been rated as the best among all the wallets because of its high-security measures. Do give a quick read on the terms and conditions of the wallet before using any.

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