10 Best Credit Cards With No Annual Fee In India 2018

Credit Cards in India are available with different annual fees. Few of them are indeed really great in terms of welcome gifts, perks, interest,sign-in rates. While few are offering a fee waiver if you cross a certain amount in expenditure.
So we decided to bring you Best credit cards in India with no annual fee, as we all know the annual fee is a burden any day, so we compiled a list of credit cards in India which helps you save money.

  1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

    Standard Chartered is Indeed an international trustworthy Bank, and as you know the interest rates are also very good. We recommend this bank for those salaried employees who like extra secure transparent banking, so this credit card will get approved if you have a salary more than Rs.6,00,000 INR per annum

    Annual Fee for Credit Card: Rs.250 but will become zero on spending Rs.30,000

    Best Credit Card for salaried people who want a trustworthy bank with premium features

    What offers on this credit card:
    ->Use the Credit card within 60 days and get 1000 reward points
    ->bonus 500 points if you use Internet banking on Standard Chartered Account
    ->Save 20% on Uber Rides
    ->5 points everytime you use this credit card for dining or fuel
    ->2 reward points for other expenditures

  2. ICICI Instant Platinum Card

    ICICI Bank Offers a Completely zero annual fee Credit Card with a fixed deposit in your savings account if this is the first time you are applying for a credit card. We would suggest this credit card if you are applying for a credit card for the first time, and you want to play safe, no hidden costs or annual fee, if you are applying for your first credit card this is the way to go!
    Annual Fee for the credit card: Zero.
    Best Credit Card For Salaried people who want to try a credit card for the first time, Risk-free experience.
    What offers on this credit card:
    ->For every Rs.100 you spend with the credit card you get 3 payback points.
    ->International Emergency Assistance and Card replacement is easy.
    ->Twice a month you get Rs.100 off on movies
    ->Get minimum savings on Food

  3. SBI Simply Save(Simply Click)

    SBI simply save, is one of the best credit cards, if you are into public sector companies, well SBI is indeed trustworthy, few people trust SBI over others as its been there for many years and controlled by Govt. of India
    The annual fee for the credit card:499/- which I guess is minimal, which will also become zero if you spend more than Rs.75000
    Fee Waiver: Waived if you spend more than 75,000INR
    Best Credit Card For Salaried people who wants a trusted bank.
    What offers on this credit card
    ->Fuel Surcharge Fee waiver and 10x rewards on stores
    ->Spend 2k INR in first two months get 2000 bonus points.
    ->10x rewards on Movies and dining

  4. HSBC Visa Platinum Card

    HSBC is a company preferred mainly by corporate companies and startups as they offer great features for employers and small startups prefer this credit card as well, HSBC Visa Platinum credit cards come with zero annual fees. I would recommend this for people who like shopping and using it often because it has good cash back offers

    Annual Fee for this credit card: Zero. 😉
    Best Credit Card For corporate employees, startups
    What offers on this credit card:
    ->Cashback offers
    ->10%cashback on all expenditures first three months, should exceed Rs.10,000 to redeem
    ->3x reward points for expenditure on food and recharge.
    ->5x reward points for expenditure over 4 lakh
    ->20% discount at selected restaurants and lounges

  5. Kotak Bank Fortune Gold Credit Card

    Kotak bank is a great bank which offers many varieties of credit cards for salaried people coming with zero interest cash withdrawal, and zero annual fee on credit cardKorak Bank Fortune Gold is a good credit card to try!
    Annual fee of credit card: zero annual fees!
    Best Credit Card for girls, shopping enthusiasts.
    What offers on this Credit Card:
    ->Insured Card up to Rs.50,000 on thefts up to 7 days.
    ->4 Free Movie tickets from PVR on Spending more than Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.750 cashback
    ->zero interest rate on cash withdrawals

  6. RBL Bank IGU NHS Golf World Credit Card

    Now, that’s a huge name for a card 😀 but it does surely say its international, RBL bank is known for its interest rates, but this is a special credit card for golfers and travelers.
    Annual Fee on this credit card: zero.
    Best Credit card for Golfers, Travellers
    What Offers on this card:
    ->2 points for every Rs.100 you spend
    ->10x Reward points at selected partners.
    ->Free access to many golf courses across the country, golfing lessons.
    ->lounge access in airports
    ->cash backs on expenditure more than one lakh

  7. IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card

    as the name suggests its an International Credit card, We would suggest this card for travelers, its suitable for frequent travelers who need lounges.
    Annual Fee on this credit card: zero:).
    Best Credit card for Frequent Travellers
    What Offers on this card:
    ->Air accident insurance up to Rs.25lakh
    ->3 spend miles on a regular purchase of flight tickets.
    ->Rs.1lakh baggage theft insurance,up to Rs.25,000 for delayed baggage,ticket loss,passport loss recovery insurance up to Rs.50,000
    ->lounge access in airports

  8. HDFC Moneyback Card

    HDFC is a great bank, known for its minimalistic experience, simple as it seems, safe it is, although you have to pay a minimal fee, it will be waived off once you use it and refunded.
    Annual Fee on this credit card: zero after use.
    Best Credit card for Online shopping
    What Offers on this card:
    ->Get cashback points everytime you shop
    ->2.5% fuel waiver
    ->earn discounts on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart

  9. Citibank Rewards Domestic Credit Card

    Citibank is a great bank for starters, it’s a visa platinum card, so you’d have good benefits in lounges and shopping websites,
    Annual Fee on this credit card: zero after use, initially Rs.1000.
    Best Credit card for shopping and daily use
    What Offers on this card:
    ->10 Points on expense made at fashion stores
    ->SPecial discounts on shopping sites, cashback points.
    ->No expiration for RP.

  10. Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card

    Kotak, as I mentioned earlier, is a trustworthy bank, ensuring a variety of options and offers on credit card
    Annual Fee on this credit card: zero
    Best Credit card for lifestyle expenses
    What Offers on this card:
    ->2.5%fuel waivers across all Petrol bunks.
    ->2 Complimentary Lounge access in airports
    ->THeft insurance of Rs.3.5 lakh is covered up to 7 days.


Which Credit Card to Apply?

it all depends on the purpose of the credit card, whether it is for shopping, traveling or just daily expenses, we have listed best credit cards without an annual fee, do let us know if you have any more queries in comments below

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