10 Must Watch Documentaries for Bitcoin enthusiasts

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency of the world. Started in 2009, Bitcoin was the pioneer in cryptocurrency created by an unknown person/ group of persons called Satoshi Nakamoto. Here are 10 Must Watch Documentaries that will take you through the world of Bitcoin and the changing shape of money across the world.

Here are the 10 Must Watch Documentaries for Bitcoin enthusiasts

    1. Bitcoin: Shape the Future: A first by China, this documentary on Bitcoin was prepared by an OTC Bitcoin trading platform there and was released recently. The documentary delves into the system of Bitcoin in China and the big whales of the Bitcoin ecosystem while talking about the risks and potential of the cryptocurrency. Watch Documentary
    2. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution- The 2017 documentary film talks about the mysterious origins of what it calls is the biggest financial revolution-Bitcoin. Tim Delmastro-directed Magic Money gives an in-depth perspective on how this decentralized cryptocurrency is changing the world as we know it. Watch Documentary
    3. Banking on Bitcoin: Christopher Cannucciari-directed Banking on Bitcoin delves into the basic differences between money and cryptocurrency by featuring interviews with enthusiasts, experts, and masses. Released in 2016, this documentary talks about the roots of Bitcoin, the technology behind it and how it will shape our future. A must-watch for anyone who wants to know what’s and why’s of Bitcoin. The documentary is available to watch on Netflix also. Watch Documentary
    4. Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It: This Australian documentary film released in 2015 tells you everything there is about cryptocurrencies and how a currency like Bitcoin is changing the way we have known money all our lives. Directed by Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis, Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It traces the history of money through human life. Watch Documentary
    5. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin: This 2014 release talks about the impending social and political impacts of Bitcoin on the world. Nicholas Mross-directed documentary delves into the life of a 35-year-old computer programmer and his love for cryptocurrency after discovering Bitcoin in 2011. It further talks about the entrepreneurs and startups involved in the shaping of Bitcoin and the competitive mining market. Watch Documentary
    6. Life on Bitcoin: Travis Pitcher and Joseph Lebaron-directed documentary is a fun take on how a newly married couple tries to survive by purchasing every living necessity through cryptocurrency. Released in 2014, the film stars Beccy Bingham and Austin M. Craig as the new couple who embark on the adventure of living on cryptocurrency. Watch Documentary
    7. I am Satoshi: A 52-minute montage created by Tomer Kantor traces back the roots of Bitcoin, provides a deep insight into the world of cryptocurrency and goes a long way in changing one’s perspective. Named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious name used by the person or people who designed Bitcoin, the documentary was released in 2014 and is a must-watch for every Bitcoin enthusiast. Watch Documentary
    8. The Bitcoin Phenomenon: This 2014 documentary is a must watch to dig into the history and politics of the unregulated and decentralized Bitcoin. The documentary features some of the early adopters of Bitcoin and their experiences. Watch Documentary
    9. Bitcoin in Uganda: Bitcoin in Uganda is about a Ugandan student whose family in the US sends him money for tuition. Released in 2014, the documentary talks about how the student’s family finally switches to Bitcoin, frustrated with the traditional financial system. Watch Documentary
    10. Bitcoin in Argentina: Riddled with inflation and financial restrictions, the documentary traces the lives of people living in Argentina and their usage of Bitcoin as a means to protect wealth. Both documentaries Bitcoin in Uganda and Bitcoin in Argentina were backed by BitcoinFilm.org.
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